In my opinion the comics from the past are superior to most of the comics today. Not all but most.

Peanuts is a classic that will probably be around forever and Calvin is at times somewhat dated but still funny. Here is another clip from an old comic titled The Clubhouse Rascals that I’ve enhanced. You can read the entire story on my YouTube page. It’s pretty funny.



Peanuts and Charles Schultz

220px-Charles_Schulz_crop_1993I’ve been a fan of Peanuts for maybe a gazillion years.But it wasn’t until last year when I started to learn to draw cartoon illustrations for my books that I really started to appreciate Charles Schultz.

Just look at the cast of characters he developed. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy, Pigpen and the rest. Genius!

These characters are all endearing to those of us who read the scripts. But I’m amazed with the seemingly simplicity of his drawings. I saw seemingly because I have learned first hand that it is not as simple as it appears.

I was always a Calvin and Hobbes fan and I always enjoyed the simple scripts and didn’t care as much for the detailed drawings in some of the other scripts. That’s what I think attracted me to Peanuts.

It’s also why I have learned to admire Mr. Schultz. In “I Hate Homework” I am trying to develop characters that will grab on like the Peanuts characters and the Wimpy Kid characters. It’s hard.

I’ve read where Charles Schultz created some characters along the way that he didn’t think worked so he let them fade away. I’ve also compared some of his earlier drawings to his later ones. The characters developed and took on unique characteristics that made them what they are today.

Today is the 15th anniversary of his final published cartoon and I wanted to pay tribute to the man. I consider Peanuts to be the best comic ever created and the memory of Charles Schultz will live on through the Peanuts characters forever.

Here is his final cartoon. The Final Peanuts

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale ManiaFairy tales are the rage and have been for some time now. Does anyone really see an end to this?

I doubt it. I think it’s a good thing. Fairy tales offer some terrific stories and entertainment. We need to keep them available to kids. I’ve found many really good tales that are pretty much forgotten.

I want to help restore some of these long forgotten tales as well as continuing to fracture tales to keep kids and young adults entertained. I’ve written a book on the current fairy tale mania and in another book have rewritten 10 of the forgotten Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales. Both books will be book one of new series but each book will stand on their own.

To make it easier to follow my fairy tales, I have a separate website devoted to fairy tales and you should swing on over there and check it out so you can keep updated on everything having to do with fairy tales.

The site will have lots of free tales and will eventually have most of the stories by the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson, to name a few. I’ll also include videos that will make it a fun place to hang around.

Pixar Code

220px-PixaranimationstudiosI didn’t know anything about this until I was reading an article this morning about Pixar. To me Pixar makes the best top notch stories for the screen and I watch them with my grandson and, I admit it, by myself at times.

Turns out there is a recurring number in the story that is a code. Do you know what the number is or what it means?

It turns out it’s not so mysterious but it’s kind of cool.

Pixar Code

King Arthur


kingarthurI used to read about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table when I was in high school. I’ve thought about writing or updating some of the stories. If there’s interest I’ll do so.

King Arthur, who held sway in Camelot with his Knights of the Round Table, was supposedly a king of Britain hundreds of years ago. Most of the stories about him are probably not historically true, but there could possibly have been a real king named Arthur who ruled somewhere in the island of Britain around the sixth century. 

King Arthur ruled Camelot with his queen, Guinevere. Legend says he received mortal wounds in battling with the invading Saxons, and was carried magically to fairyland so he could be brought back to life.

Excalibur was the name of King Arthur’s sword. Have you heard the story where the sword was embedded in a large boulder and no knights could pull it out? Apparently Arthur was able to and that showed that he was rightfully the king.

The Knights of the Round Table got the name because  they  sat about a huge round marble table. Makes sense to me. Among these knights was Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot. Those names are probably familiar to you. They pop up in plenty of fictional stories about knights.

What do you think? Would a updated story of King Arthur be of interest to you?