Fairy Tale Mania

Everything is fairy tales nowadays. TV shows are using fairy tales as the theme and characters are merging. Movies have been doing it since Disney but they are now no longer simply cartoons.

Personally I think it’s great and not just because I fracture fairy tales. I said not just because. :-)

I decided to do some research on fairy tales to see if I could find out what has led to this phenomenon.


I have to admit it was fun research. I use Rapunzel and the many ways it has been rewritten throughout the years to help make my point.

Mighty Mouse

Aside from writing books, I want to give you the experience of watching old cartoons that are becoming very popular. Most of these are taken from YouTube.

I’ll add them to new posts from time to time so you might find it useful to bookmark this site. I wanted to offer you a free newsletter but the rules are so stringent that I decided to let that slide.

Might Mouse was always one of my favorites.

Bear Sticking Out Tongue

EXIF_JPEG_T422My grandson and I spent a cold day yesterday at the Akron Zoo. We were at the grizzly bear exhibit and a few of us brave cold weather souls gathered around to watch as one of the grizzlies made his way towards us.

Without warning it stood up and banged on the glass as it looked like it was going after a little girl in a pink jacket. The little girl was laughing but it was a good look as to how ferocious a grizzly really is.

He wandered to the other side and the girl followed and once again he leaped at her so I suppose he didn’t like pink. I captured this photo as he stood in front of us and didn’t realize until I saw it that the bear had his tongue sticking out.

I do have one other explanation. This bear is the papa bear and the little girl is realy Goldilocks?

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

220px-Waybackmachine3I was watching TV with my grandson this morning before he left for school and saw a trailer for a new Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. For those of you who aren’t as old as myself, which is most of you, Mr. Peabody was a part of the Rocky & Bullwinkle TV show, along with Fractured Fairy Tales.

Mr. Peabody was a talking dog and Sherman was his boy. (Yes, role reversal) Mr. Peabody had a way back machine he had invented. It would take him and Sherman back in time to different points in history.

They would arrive at a point where history was about to change so they would have to step in and keep that from happening and save the day.

Of course had they never gone back in the first place history would have been fine but that’s beside the point.

I don’t know if the movie will be true to the skit but I’ll start including some of the original Mr. Peabody and Sherman videos on this site along with the Fractured Fairy Tales and any clips from the Rocky & Bullwinkle series.

Let’s start with this one about Edgar Allen Poe.